Alder Lake Farm’s response to Coronavirus 

**UPDATED 17th May 2021**

We are happy to update everyone that we're OPEN as normal, including for group hires and clinics.

On account of the risks associated with COVID-19, we ask all equestrian visitors to adhere to the following measures until further notice:

  1.  It is everyone's responsibility to leave the arena BEFORE the end of your hire period. This is so that the next riders can enter an empty arena. Please let us know if any hirers do not honour this important rule.
  2.  The number of observers/instructors is not currently restricted, however visitors that are not normally in close proximity with each other (e.g. from different households) are to respect and follow social distancing measures. This means remaining 2 metres apart. Where this is not possible, 1 metre separation must be maintained in conjunction with the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  3.  All visitors are expected to provide their own PPE where required. Please remember that wearing gloves without following a strict biosecurity regime does not prevent the spread of COVID-19 between surfaces.
  4.  All horse lorries/trailers are to continue parking in the fenced lorry park adjacent to the barn. No lorries/trailers are permitted to park in the lower car park or driveway (private cars may continue to do so).
  5.  All horses and visitors must remain within the fenced lorry park and arena for the duration of their visit. The driveway is not to be used as a warm-up or grazing area under any circumstances. The paddocks and other grassed areas surrounding the barn continue to be out of bounds to equestrian visitors.
  6.  The entrance gate to the lorry park must remain closed when not in use. We continue to host non-equestrian guests on-site who park in the lower car park and must remain segregated from equestrian activity. This gate serves as an important barrier to reduce the risk of horse-related accidents. The entrance gate and any other commonly touched surfaces are being routinely disinfected to minimise transmission risk.
  7.  Three hand sanitiser stations have been provided. Two at either end of the lorry park and one directly outside the arena entrance. We ask that all visitors make use of these stations while on-site.
  8.  During clinics, in an effort to reduce surface contact, instructors are requested to operate the arena gate on behalf of all riders. Please don't lean on the arena gate.
  9.  CCTV is in use both inside and outside the arena and is actively monitored on-site. Anyone observed not complying with these measures, or exhibiting otherwise inappropriate behaviour, can expect to be challenged. Persistent and blatant disregard for these measures will result in individuals being told to leave the premises immediately.
  10.  Hirers are expected to ensure that accompanying guests are aware of and follow these measures.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, have tested positive or been in close contact (within the last 10 days) with anyone displaying symptoms or that has tested positive, you must not visit Alder Lake Farm and self-isolate in accordance with UK government advice.